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Nov 1, 2013 5:30pm EDT
. careful, 'cause your orders'll be coming from me soon enough. don't get ahead of yourself, dan, there's a good boy. - that's told you, ain't it? - don't make no difference. 'cause johnny still sees me as his future. - ( snickers ) you're not going anywhere, mate. - yeah, i am. i know it... and more important, johnny knows it. - and he's told you that, has he? - he don't need to. right. - i think we've done it... - i've died and gone to heaven. take it round the block one more time to make sure, all right? yeah, yeah, whatever... aargh! you're on me foot! - there we go. - hey. - good news-- mom and derek are going to the pictures tonight. - lucky them. - lucky us, we've got the place to ourselves. - i've an essay to write. - better stop talking and get writing. - are you partying later? oh, no, me and sonia are gonna be busy. let me guess. blankets, slippers on and a home improvement show on the telly. - we're not like that. - kareena: right... s'pose you'll be busy with chrissie and sam. i'm gonna hang out with you lot, if you're not tied up with mickey. well, he might be tied up... w
Nov 8, 2013 5:30pm EST
. you're in a weird mood. no, i'm in a really good mood. so while it lasts, why don't you get up, go and buy some clobber, get your hair done and i'll take you somewhere nice for lunch later? what is all this? to tell you the truth i don't really know what it is. i just woke up... i looked around... then i looked at you... and i felt really good. simple as that. oh, jake, have you met danny's new friend? what's your game? - don't follow ya, bruv. - then again, i don't really need to ask, do i? 'cause that's all you do these days-- play stupid games. no. still don't follow ya. - danny, you walked away from the club again last night. - so? have you completely lost the plot? johnny's going to go ape. a few hours after getting your job back, you lose it again. - ruby was being mugged. - you think that'll impress johnny? this knight in shining armor stuff? - well, normally he wouldn't give a monkey's, but... - yeah? seeing as though it's his daughter we're talking about. i think my job's pretty safe, don't you? i've changed my mind. - do what? - about seeing dad. it was a crazy idea, me j
Nov 14, 2013 9:00am EST
on with this that really prevents the crime from being detected and prevented from being -- i don't know what the right word is, fixed. but i think that's what is underneath. >> i want to go back to laws and how this criminal justice system needs to be reformed. i agree this is not a federal issue entirely but state and local government do what they can do i think it's a great move by virginia g.o.p. attorney general candidate mark obenshane is -- in his state, let's attack this problem, bring light to it i think different state officials like this need to do things like. that they need to unveil plans not just one law is going to fix this, not just one action but multitude of things. >> this new focus on imprisoning the buyers is that going to work? is that -- they -- used to call prostitution, now trafficking, the oldest -- most part trafficking, the oldest profession -- >> why in the world did this begin with putting the women in jail and not the men. if you really wanted to take care of this problem, it would go away. >> do you think -- >> my goodness. it's hardener you talk about prostitution in t
Nov 7, 2013 9:00am EST
are getting message universities don't want to help you deal with t they want to cover it up because it's bad press. a c average is not acceptable >> and why not focus on men, educating men about what they need to do? men need to you had what you are looking for is not hear no. what you are looking for and is s an affirmative yes. and if you are not trying to get an affirmative yes, what you are doing may not be consensual. and when you see a buddy of yours doing what he should not be doing. we need to arm people with information. >> and i think everybody around this table would agree on that. but what is wrong with adding the part about warning college women of this statistics that show a link between drinking and sexual assault >> what i think is that you can warn both men and women about it: the statistics say 80% of men and women were involved in sexual assault had been drinking. tell both. men and women hey when ruin eastbound rated your decision processing skills are not the best and for women you become physically unable to protect yourself at a greater degree. >> welcome to the panel
Nov 2, 2013 10:00am EDT
world problems. i don't have a dress to wear for the show, what am i going to d. someone in the other country worry about this and this -- >> subject rain not being able to drive. >> not being able to wear a dress without -- that is something i think is really great to at least show my generation that, here are some people with real problems. >> i certainly hope that you're right. since this was global, most of these came from outside the united states. my reading of it was that they didn't quite tell us enough where they came from. but it does look -- only comfort i take is that people -- if for the ones in the united states, can't speak about outside of this country where you have much rare acceptance of sexism, in the united states must have been just an opportunity to vent. who comes to vent at times like this are the people, are the haters. the ones that couldn't in plight company say exactly the same thing. now of course, globally, that kind of thing -- i do think it would be help to have break this down to know where these responses are coming from. >> count me a skeptic on thi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5